October 6, 2015

Forgettable 2014 for Jason Castro


As I desperately tried to find a silver lining to Jason Castro’s 2014 season, I could not. In fact, it was actually pretty depressing trying to dig for statistics that made me feel better. The reality is that Jason has stunk in 2014 and he shows no signs of snapping out. I guess I could point out his BABip is at .289 and that is rather low, so maybe a slight uptick might occur. I will continue to grasp to that straw but there is no denying, Jason Castro has disappointed in a year that was suppose to cement him as one of the best hitting catchers in the game.

As I watched Jason Castro hit a soft line drive to center field the other day, I began to wonder if 2013 was the anomaly or was this disastrous campaign the outlier? Hard to tell and I will not even try to give myself a headache looking at numbers to figure it out. What is not a difficult thing to figure out is that Castro has  far too often looked lost at the plate. The strikeouts are up and horrible at bats continue to mount. Give his struggles, I am quite surprised at how well the Astros have been playing. After all, Castro was going to continue and even improve on his all-star 2013, which along with George Springer’s arrival and, what we know now, Altuve’s superstardom, should have made this offense much better than it has been. They have been okay but imagine if Castro had produced at the level he did only a year ago?

Castro’s struggles have to at least make some folks wonder if a demotion may not be in order? Obviously, that would be BIG news and certainly rattle a few cages but looking at the statistics and even demeanor, its bad. Chris Carter is still on this squad because he does one thing, only one thing, good and that is providing homeruns. I am not sure I can point to one offensive aspect I like about Castro this season. His magic power is way down, not getting on base and, like most of the Astros, lacks in basic fundamentals way to often. I do think he has improved defensively; yet he is no Yadier Molinda at this point. I am certainly bashing the guy but I am a fan of Castro and still see that potential that begun to rip thru the surface in 2013. I just hope it shows up during this 2nd half of the season.

I would be stunned if we ever see Jason Castro demoted to AAA. Given that, Jason will simply need to battlefight through his issues and dig deep to find the same player that electrified Minute Main Park in 2013. My best guess would be that Bo Porter will find creative ways to motivate Castro into breaking out of this slump, and yes, I still think this is a slump. Let us revisit this topic in September and then we can panic.

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  1. Hawks fan says:

    Sometimes change it’s a good thing and maybe that’s all he needs. Who knows. Look at JD Martinez now. I actually don’t think it’s a normal slump it’s probably more about feeling comfortable at the plate and recognize pitches a lot earlier. I also think it’s a way the baseball gods are sending a message to trade him for cash and call the popular Roberto Pena who’s major league ready. Also still think Castro will hit eventually but it’s not gonna happen in the Stros line up

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